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A few years ago as life events were catching up within my family, I suddenly realized that changes were in order.  I was well respected in my field and the company I worked for, but the travel and grind of it all was taking its toll on me, and more importantly things were happening at home and I needed to be there.  Too young and short of the necessary resources to retire but with a wealth of knowledge and experience, what was next?

Since graduating from the Naval Academy, I had served on two ships and seen much of the world.  I had Human Resources and Plant Management experience in the paper coating industry and for the most recent 13 years had managed client relationships and programs with large consumer product goods companies and retailers for a small company in a niche industry.  Through every job, what I’ve enjoyed the most was working with and helping people.

After much thought, I decided to embark on my own and acquire a Farmers Insurance agency from a retiring agent.  It has provided the opportunity to continue to meet and work with people while providing a service and at the same to become an entrepreneur and run a business with my own money instead of somebody else’s.

I’m still amazed to be married to my high school sweetheart after 30 years and we are proud parents of three kids in various stages of early adulthood.  There is no better reward than seeing your children realize their potential and to find their purpose in life and our kids have not disappointed.

In 2013, one of our children was diagnosed with major depression.  As any parent dealing with a major health issue can attest, it breaks your heart.  The worst of it has been the inefficiency of our healthcare system and the overall lack of understanding many people have when it comes to mental health.  When we were at rock bottom, I decided to become involved and get off the sideline.  Currently I am the Board President of NAMI – Boulder County which is a grassroots mental health organization that provides free training and support groups for individuals and families dealing with mental health situations.  Find out more about us at https://namibouldercounty.org/

I’m also an avid cyclist and enjoy riding in the mountains whenever possible.

Since 2015 my dad, brother and I have ridden as “Team String” in support of Willa’s Wheels and Ray of Hope Colorado, two non-profit organizations that work in conjunction with each other to provide support for cancer patients in the form of everyday living expenses.  In 2017, my 73 year-old father and I will ride the Triple By-Pass from Evergreen to Avon and hope to raise a few dollars for our troubles.  To learn more about the charities we support, please visit their sites:  http://rayofhopecolorado.org/ and  http://willaswheels.dojiggy.com



We would like to help you too.  Email me at jstringfellow@farmersagent.com.