Farmers Updated Claims Process

An easier and faster way to get your vehicle inspected after a loss

Farmers Guaranteed Repair Program offers a hassle-free option for our customers to repair their vehicles after a loss with an exceptional claims experience and high-quality repairs. With satisfaction remaining consistent at more than 94%, customers are seeing the advantages of using GRP and shared their feedback on recent surveys:

“The shop representative was extremely helpful and delivered my car to me as promised and on time. The entire experience was beyond my expectations!”
“The shop was extremely helpful with my vehicle. They worked around my schedule and made the process easy. My car was ready in less than a week!”
“The repair process was timely, communication was phenomenal, and the customer service was great!”

Photo Estimating provides a quick solution to get an estimate in the customer’s hands faster.

“I was impressed with getting my estimate done online by downloading pictures. I easily received my funds electronically sent to my bank account.”
“The instruction video helped me take photos and showed me exactly how to do it – the process was very easy to understand.”
“I appreciated being able to use the app on my phone – it simplified the process.”

If the vehicle is severely damaged or non-drivable, our knowledgeable field claims representatives can complete an in-person inspection or our Total Loss Express CRs inspect the vehicle virtually once it’s at the salvage pool- which can reduce the amount of time necessary to resolve the vehicle damage portion of the claim.

Here’s what the whole process looks like:

Customer reports loss ↴


↳ A behind the scenes software recommends Guaranteed Repair Program for repairable drivable and non-drivable vehicles ↴


↳ Claims Representative discusses Guaranteed Repair Program option with the customer ↴


↳ Customer accepts Guaranteed Repair Program. An assignment is sent to the selected repair facility. The repair facility works directly with our customer throughout the repair process ↴


↳ Repair facility receives the vehicle for repair. Farmers works directly with the repair facility to expedite repairs and quickly deliver the vehicle back to the customer ↴


↳ After our customer takes delivery of the vehicle Farmers will issue payment directly to the repair facility ↴


↳ Guaranteed Repair Facility provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty backed by Farmers Insurance


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