Home Renovations Can Effect Your Insurance

If you’ve had any of these renovations done to your home since you talked to your insurance agent, you’ll want to check in to keep your policy adequately updated. 


Building Additions

Your agent will recalculate your home rebuild value for additional coverage.
If there is a total loss of the home, you’ll want to have more coverage to rebuild what you had.



Building a Pool

If your current policy doesn’t cover your new pool, you’ll want to make sure you update it.
Consider increasing your liability coverage – this can help with a larger claim or lawsuit.


Adding a Deck

Over 23 million decks in the USA are unsafe. This is mainly due to Do-It-Yourself trends.
We advise that you consult your insurance agent to add additional liability coverage, especially if the deck is up two stories or more.


Renovating the Kitchen

New materials means you will want a higher rebuild cost for the home to cover them.
Electric or plumbing upgrades may bring your premium down.



Finishing the Basement

Adding value to the home and requiring additional coverage to be properly insured.
Your insurance agent can help you decide if you need a sump pump or other protective measures for flooding concerns.


Redoing the Roof

Make sure you communicate with your insurance agent when your roof has been replaced and what materials were used.
You may qualify for more discounts and your premium might drop.


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