Is Your House Summer-Ready?

The following are the most common Summer (from June to August) hazards for homeowners.

The data is based on Farmers claims data over the past  5 years.

Suggestions to prevent potential exposure:

📱 Keep valuable items safe by storing them
on shelves or tables to avoid water damage.
🔐 Consider keeping irreplaceable items in a safer location.
🔑 Don’t forget to remove your hide-a-key before you head out for a long trip.
🔌 Consider investing in a few surge protectors for heavily used outlets.
It will prevent damage to your electronics is a storm causes a power strike.
🏡 Inspect your drains and sump pumps before you leave home for an extended period of time.
If the sump pump has a battery backup system, make sure the batteries are fresh.
✉️ It only takes a moment to ask the USPS to hold your mail if you can’t arrange for a friend to pick it up.
Packages and newspapers left at the door as well as an overflowing mailbox are signs for potential thieves.